Operations Optimization

Operation Optimization

Data collection is prolific, but understanding and utilizing this resource is difficult in the current operational environment. Business decisions are often conducted in relative isolation, focusing on specifics without the detail needed to understand the operational effects.

OSyS Operations Optimization (OO) solutions harness the power of operational data, enabling better decisions on the key drivers that affect a business’s operational performance. These key drivers are specific to vertical industries and markets, but most often they represent high-cost items with profitability impact that must be managed for the utmost efficiency to deliver a sustainable business.

For an airline, such drivers may include:
  • cost of fuel
  • ability to meet emissions requirements and avoid fines
  • capacity or crew shortage and fleet composition
  • infrastructure constraints, in the air or on the ground
  • poorly utilized aircraft
  • unscheduled maintenance
  • poor aircraft or passenger handling services

OO solutions combine data integration and evidence-based analysis technologies with industry proven expertise to identify the root causes of operational inefficiency. Building upon this insight, OO solutions quantify the effect of performance improvements and deliver them through more effective management and planning of resources.

OSyS has been serving the commercial aviation market for over a decade, with proven products and services focused on high-impact business imperatives such as fuel conservation.

Take advantage of OSyS OO solutions to reduce operational costs and improve operational efficiency through:
  • Increased awareness of operational inefficiencies and their effect on the business
  • Elimination of undesirable behaviors through targeted intervention
  • Selection of improvement initiatives based on time to value and return on investment
  • Consistent operational improvements through continuous tracking and reporting
  • Informed decision-making based on credible data
  • Improved forecasting and planning accuracy


Civil Aviation

Our Operations Optimization solutions are used across the Civil Aviation industry to improve asset usage through optimized fuel initiatives, emissions management and fleet planning.


OSyS Operations Optimization product suite is used in the defence industry to maximize mission capability through the most effective use of fuel.


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