Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

The cost of maintaining complex assets is a significant expense for most organizations. When these assets are critical to an organization’s operations, better management of the maintenance process is essential.

In addition, finding the right balance between asset availability and the cost of maintenance is a significant challenge. In order to find this balance, you need insight on how your assets are currently performing, as well as how they are likely to perform in the future.

OSyS Maintenance Management solution helps organizations through:
  • Developing and optimizing long-term maintenance plans
  • Reducing the time taken to undertake major maintenance, repair and overhaul (MR&O)
  • Optimizing the scheduling of maintenance activities
  • Providing data management services to transform large volumes of data into actionable information

Our Maintenance Management solution is proven in practice, used by Rolls-Royce to support its aftermarket services. It is a combination of managed services, products designed using unparalleled predictive technologies, and our superior aftermarket services domain expertise.

Our Maintenance Planning product provides scenario modeling capability that can rapidly assess how changes in an operation or environment can affect the maintenance plan. Our data management services can transform large volumes of data into actionable information and insight. Our Maintenance Management product delivers this insight, allowing a business to improve how it manages maintenance activities and their associated costs through better work scope management, thereby helping to optimize turn-around-time. The addition of Risk Based Scheduling can significantly reduce total maintenance cost and improve asset availability.




The OSyS Maintenance Planning product has been deployed with a major MR&O service provider to develop long-term maintenance schedules and the associated budgets. Through the use of actual service data and advanced forecasting capability, the OSyS solution optimizes maintenance activity and maintenance budgets.

The OSyS Risk Based Scheduling product has been deployed with a major MR&O service provider to schedule maintenance across a large fleet of assets.


In 2010, a major MR&O service provider went live with a web-based Maintenance Management solution. This enables customers and MR&O shops to manage and standardize their engine overhaul and repair process.

Defence Aerospace

Availability has been guaranteed and spares have been planned using our MPO product. MPO is part of series of products that support the Defence industry.

Power Generation

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