Compliance & Process Assurance

Compliance & Process Assurance

With today’s increasingly complex and continually changing regulatory demands, being able to replace spreadsheets and error-prone manual processes with smart automation is critical.

With OSyS Compliance & Process Assurance (CPA) solutions, health-safety-environment (HSE) experts are able to deliver a new level of business agility that is responsive to external pressures. Processes, activities and actions are prompted, displayed, tracked and shared so that customers get the best results out of collaborative workflow.

Collaborative workflow processes and proactive risk management support enterprise-wide functions such as incident tracking, safety management, management of change (MoC) and hazard analysis. OSyS CPA solutions can be applied across a facility, an enterprise or a region.

Our expertise in Compliance & Process Assurance spans more than 15 years, serving upstream oil and gas companies, downstream refining and petrochemical processing companies, and chemical manufacturing plants with proven safety and compliance solutions. Companies with high-value assets, exacting regulatory requirements or environmental-public safety risk, use our technology to manage these issues. Such proactive risk management delivers bottom-line benefits that contribute to business sustainability.

OSyS’ acquisition of Superstructure extends its CPA capabilities into the aviation space, with the leading aviation safety management system, VISIUMAQD™.


Take advantage of CPA solutions to:
  • Better manage ongoing safety and compliance workflow for improved business performance
  • Automate processes for increased productivity and efficiency
  • Facilitate regulatory and audit compliance and avoid penalties and fines
  • Raise awareness of safety issues and reduce avoidable accidents and time lost from work
  • Make compliance more controlled, timely and consistent
  • Support decision-making and actions by different levels of staff
  • Protect company reputation and market share


Oil & Gas

Oil and gas producers and refiners use CPA solutions for important process safety management initiatives such as process hazard analysis, management of change, incident investigation and audit management. Our solutions help to reduce regulatory compliance cost and enhance safety performance.

Process Industries

CPA solutions enable chemical processors and manufacturers to analyze investigation findings and facilitate shared learning. Understanding incidents and corrective actions can reduce recurrence, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Civil Aviation

In aviation, safety and risk management always come first. CPA solutions enable organizations to efficiently and cost-effectively implement and maintain a world-class Safety Management System (SMS) that meets ICAO, IATA and national airworthiness authority guidelines.

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