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– High Frequency Data Diagnostics

The VISIUMDYNAMIC™ is a software system that enables our customers to gain engineering insight into high-frequency data.

Based on existing mature solutions, VISIUMDYNAMIC™ combines the previous generation of OSyS Evolve technology to create a comprehensive solution that offers a system for vibration, acoustic and any other digitized dynamic data analysis. VISIUMDYNAMIC™ uses sophisticated and patented methods embedded in world-class intellectual property.

Used extensively by other companies, as well as Rolls-Royce civil, energy, defence and marine businesses, VISIUMDYNAMIC™ is a robust, reliable and proven software platform. It is a flexible, open and test-driven framework into which customers and partners can embed their own analytical methods. Our solution offers step change capability at a competitive price, compared to other systems.

VISIUMDYNAMIC™ features include:
  • Basic dynamic analysis features and visualization
    • Waveform recording
    • Spectral domain (FFT)
    • Speed normalized FFT
    • Tracked order
    • Broadband analysis
    • Phase measurement and comparison
  • Analysis techniques or deployed normality models:
    • Bayesian EVT feature detection
    • Step change feature detection
    • TORCH (Tracked Order of Characteristics) / Super TORCH
    • Vibration compression / decompression
  • Post-processing analysis:
    • Orbital analysis feature detectors

VISIUMDYNAMIC™ sophistication in design allows customers to eliminate the traditional approach to vibration analysis, where costly expert analysts interpret raw data. With our VISIUMDYNAMIC™, vibration analysis is automated, which saves time, money and increases effectiveness. Used in conjunction with our VisiumDiagnostic product, VISIUMDYNAMIC™ enables customers to continuously automate the analysis of large volumes of high-frequency data without data centralization, ultimately saving on communications infrastructure, telemetry and storage.

In addition, VISIUMDYNAMIC™ uses advanced analytics to automate anomaly detection, feature detection, diagnosis and prognosis, extracting features from the high volumes of data and combining them through a diagnostic network to produce alerts by exception.

With VISIUMDYNAMIC™, our customers are able to:
  • Gain the ability to capture and pre-process dynamic and transient data before transmitting lowered data volumes for long-term trending to the center
  • Capture the maximum number of possible failures through local application of smart analytics to the highest fidelity data
  • Reduce the resources required to analyze high-volume data through automation
  • Sample data intelligently through dynamic machine state detection, getting the right data at the right time
  • Import any required analytical method in the OSyS library, if required
  • Import, update and tune any model or analytic remotely on demand
  • Transmit at ultra low bandwidths using the OSyS patented vibration data compression/decompression methods to reduce data transmission volumes


Civil Aviation

VISIUMDYNAMIC™ is used to provide vibration acquisition and analysis capability on engine test beds. Find out what other products we offer in this market

Oil & Gas

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Our Vibration and analysis capability from VISIUMDYNAMIC™ is used with the Defense industry, click on the icon to find out the other solutions we offer in this market.


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