Predictive Risk Management

Predictive Risk Management

Industries with high-value assets have to manage risk on a daily basis. In many cases, the basic tradeoff is to weigh the difference between the public safety risk of continuing to operate against the economic consequence of shutting down.

The OSyS Predictive Risk Management suite of products and services allows asset operators to identify current and future risks to their operations through structured reliability and systems engineering. This allows them to make the right assessments and the right decisions to find practical and efficient solutions.

Predictive Risk Intelligence uses fault trees to identify, assess and manage the risk of emerging situations within a facility.

Risk-based Scheduling uses advanced simulation technology to prioritize maintenance for a fleet of equipment.



Civil Aviation

Our Risk Based Scheduling solution supports a global user community of 2000 assets, (7 large fleets) in Civil Aviation and Defense, to forecast spare part demands, prioritize and schedule planned maintenance, repair and overhaul. Find out what other products we offer in this market


Smart Data Acquisition SDAQ uses sophisticated and patented methods to help the Defence industry. Click on the industry link to see our other solutions in this market

Power Generation

Our PRI solution supports a global user community of 100 nuclear plants in 13 countries to risk inform day-to-day decisions to deliver shorter outages, ensure regulatory compliance, and deliver more efficient maintenance operations. Find out what else OSyS offers in this industry.


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