Predictive Equipment Diagnostics Overview

Predictive Equipment Diagnostic Solution

Everyone knows the phrase, “Time equals money”. But where critical equipment is concerned, making early and accurate predictions of failure can make time also equal to production integrity, operational safety, reduced risk, and increased profitability.

By detecting and identifying potential equipment failures early, VISIUMDIAGNOSTIC™ (Predictive Equipment Diagnostic Solution) puts operators and maintainers in control of the future of their equipment, helping drive availability up and costs down.

OSyS has worked for more than a decade on providing solutions which increase both the accuracy of the diagnosis and push the earliest point of detection back in time. Our sophisticated and patented analytical methods reduce or eliminate “noisy” outputs, enabling focus on the data that matters and enabling action on trusted information.

At OSyS, we understand your operations and the critical equipment issues that really disrupt your business. We identify and help gather the key operational data required for predicting those issues, and then automate the continuous analysis of that data, looking for the emergence of issues on a 24×7 basis, either through a system deployed to your sites or in our enterprise service centers.

Our role doesn’t stop at the point of diagnosis; life after the alert is equally important in a successful solution. Our services and systems enable action tracking to closure, with outcome knowledge capture driving continuous improvement of the solution.

We take a collaborative approach with our customers on solving their equipment problems. VISIUMDIAGNOSTIC™ service teams support global customer operations around the clock, and our world-class analytical capability development team work with customers on resolving new and unsolved equipment problems. Our systems are open and extensible, and we share our knowledge and capability with our customers. We believe shared knowledge empowers collective success. Systems as diverse as naval vessels, train drivers, gas turbines, nuclear plants, pumps, gas platforms, electric motors, and passenger aircraft have been part of that success. See how it might apply to your business.

Basic Trending and Alerting
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Predictive Equipment Diagnostics

Simple approach delivers some value at low cost quickly, but generates excess alerts. The p-f interval is normally very short as a quantified alert is usually only obtained close to functional failure.

Basic Condition Monitoring
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Predictive Equipment Diagnostics

Basic Condition Monitoring improves against trending and alerting and increases P-F interval. However single detection techniques rely on alert thresholds being set to eliminate false results, this limits the maximum time to failure.

OSyS Predictive Equipment Diagnostics
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Predictive Equipment Diagnostics

VISIUMDIAGNOSTIC™ improves furthest with automated trend analysis for scalability, diagnostic and feature analytics fusing multiple techniques for accurate alerts at the earliest stage. P-F interval maximized and most time to react.

  • Mature solution with best practice from multiple industries in methods and analytics, risk analysis, and process management
  • Automated diagnostics at the component level – reduces the demand on specialists by encapsulating and automating the application of knowledge
  • Any consistent data source can be analyzed, regardless of equipment and technology
  • Open extensible system – leverage existing analytic investments and maximize the value of data
  • Diagnostic methodology allows the system to be tuned and focused operation
  • Fuses multiple detection methods – earliest issue detection and highest accuracy of diagnosis
  • Enterprise scalable solution – one system to maintain and operate
  • Integration with OSyS risk aggregation systems – enables Maintenance Planning Optimization


Civil Aviation

VISIUMDIAGNOSTIC™ is used to continuously analyze a combined fleet of over 10,000 aviation gas turbines

Oil & Gas

Find out how our VISIUMDIAGNOSTIC™ delivers value to some of the world’s largest oil and gas operations


VISIUMDIAGNOSTIC™ helps ensure that Defence assets operate as expected when the need is critical


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