JetSCAN – Oil Debris Analysis

JetSCAN – Oil Debris Analysis

Increase average Time-on-Wing and reduce maintenance costs with JetSCAN®

Military fleet operators face increasing pressure to improve aircraft availability while minimizing maintenance costs. The high‐risk nature of military flight operations underscores the critical role maintenance plays in preventing engine damage, failure or mishaps.

JetSCAN® is an engine diagnostics and risk mitigation tool used by air forces worldwide. It combines powerful analytical, data‐interpretation and trending tools within a single turnkey unit. As a superior methodology to basic oil debris analysis, it uses a highly accurate analysis process to detect potential bearing and bearing‐related component failure. To determine risk, it provides an expert, laboratory‐equivalent system with embedded knowledge of engine design and likely failure modes. JetSCAN® can be operated by maintenance personnel with minimal training required.

Applying its wealth of gas turbine knowledge and in collaboration with Carl Zeiss NTS, an optics pioneer in electron beam microscopes, OSyS can supply a system tailored to the customer needs as an integral element of first line maintenance and pass-off testing following engine manufacturing and repair.

OSyS operates a 24×7 Help Desk and engine health centers staffed with factory‐trained engineers who possess engine OEM maintenance experience. JetSCAN® customers have access to a secure website for additional information on faults, operating procedures, user manual updates and quarterly newsletters.

Feature and Benefits

OSyS military clients report significant benefits since using the technology:
  • In‐flight events, non-recoverable in‐flight shutdowns reduced to zero
  • Bearing‐related class A mishaps reduced to zero
  • Increased average time-on-wing
  • Reduced damage to oil-wetted components by early recognition
  • Higher aircraft availability and operational readiness due to improved maintenance turnaround time and go/no go maintenance recommendations
  • Elimination of need to remove engines for benign debris
  • Pinpointing of particular area for overhaul based on wear debris

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