Maintenance Plan Optimization

Maintenance Plan Optimization

Maintenance is an essential activity—it is the only way to preserve aircraft and equipment reliability.

However, it costs time and money, and creates a demand for work that needs to be resourced. Maintaining aircraft, engines and equipment requires finding a balance between performance, availability, cost and risk, while at the same time complying with industry regulations.

To strike the right balance, you need to understand the health of your assets as well as the plans for their future use. You also need a supporting infrastructure of maintenance suppliers and materials. This is a highly collaborative—but not easy—activity, and there is a high dependency on skilled planners who can perform this activity well.

The OSyS Maintenance Plan Optimization (MPO) product provides high-value decision support that reduces maintenance efforts and improves stakeholder buy-in to a collaborative and optimized maintenance plan. Our product initially predicts future maintenance demand through an advance simulation model, and then a sophisticated planning algorithm develops an optimized maintenance schedule.

Stakeholders can clearly see how their targets are created, as well as the problems that deviation could cause. When your business leaders approve the overall performance of the planned schedule, the outcome is then cascaded through your Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MR&O) system.

Our MPO product is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use planning system that combines the knowledge of experienced maintainers with our own domain expertise. This, coupled with our technology platform experience, provides a tool that rapidly and automatically creates maintenance schedules, allowing your planners to concentrate on adding value through maintenance schedules.

MPO product benefits and features include:
  • Rapid planning of maintenance schedules
  • Clear demonstration of the quality of the maintenance schedule, in terms of cost, availability, compliance, risk, etc.
  • Orchestration of stakeholder targets to improve collaboration
  • More predictable and controlled operational performance
  • Additional benefits from reduced disruption
  • Justification for maintenance improvements

The maintenance performed on an aircraft fleet has a profound impact on many operational parameters, and through adjustment of the maintenance schedule content and timing, the overall effect can be controlled and skewed to match business targets.

For example, a plan that is set up to minimize the cost of ownership over a period of 10 years may require more money to be spent in the early years to retain performance. Or, a plan that is designed to achieve perfect availability may result in low usage of excessive capacity. The key is in balancing these requirements in the most effective way.

However, there is no one right way to do this, and the required balance may shift over time. What matters is the ability to consistently achieve optimal balance and respond quickly when something happens to upset this balance. Our MPO product is used to set this balance and manage it to deliver your planned business performance.



Civil Aerospace

Our MPO product has provided high-value decision support that allows long-term service agreements to be designed and delivered for over 10 years.

Defence Aerospace

Availability has been guaranteed and spares have been planned using our MPO product. MPO is part of series of products that support the Defence industry.

Oil & Gas

With our MPO product, gas pipeline equipment use and maintenance schedules have been planned with confidence.


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