Fuel Management

Fuel Management Solution

It’s an inescapable industry burden. Continued fuel cost volatility has a major effect on the business sustainability of airlines and defence organizations. In order to understand the effect of this volatility and to enact measures to control the effect, you need insight into how the operation is performing.

OSyS delivers this insight, allowing a business to understand the complex interactions between fuel efficiency measures and wider operational decisions. At OSyS, we understand the tradeoffs necessary to achieve the right balance between fuel-saving measures and overall business performance.

Whether the starting point is the quantification of the benefits of existing fuel conservation programs, the improvement of the effectiveness of existing initiatives, or establishing the best balance of return and investment for prospective fuel saving opportunities, VISIUMFUEL™ (Fuel Management Solution) is the right choice.

VISIUMFUEL™ is proven in practice by airline organizations worldwide. It is suitable for all aircraft operations across all market sectors. Implementations are tailored to each individual customer’s needs and budget. Designed to be flexible and scalable, VISIUMFUEL™ has the capability to grow as your organization’s fuel management maturity increases. VISIUMFUEL™ is a combination of managed services, products designed using unparalleled predictive technologies, and our superior aftermarket services domain expertise.

VISIUMFUEL™ includes:
  • Data integration – establish an accurate baseline
  • Ongoing, continual fuel initiative management – maximize return on investment
  • Custom alerts, dashboards and reports – educate all fuel decision-makers
  • Advanced modeling – find the hidden opportunities
  • Control related costs by accurate budgeting and forecasting