Fleet Reporting

Fleet Reporting Solution

Increased competition among aircraft operators is driving the need to achieve higher utilization of high-value assets and to reduce costs of ownership. Achieving these goals requires a high level of confidence in understanding fleet status in terms of real maintenance and reliability characteristics.

VISIUMFLEET™ (Fleet Reporting) provides a more accurate view of fleet status. VISIUMFLEET™ creates fully customized reports that are standard across all aircraft types and include such details as:
  • Fleet utilization
  • Pilot and maintenance reports
  • Dispatch reliability with events
  • Component tracking and reliability
  • Component strip reports
  • Parts analysis
  • Automated repetitive defect alerting and reporting

VISIUMFLEET™ helps operators remain fully compliant with regulatory requirements. It is a proven solution used by many carriers worldwide, and suitable for all aircraft operations across all market sectors. Implementations are tailored to your individual needs and budget. Designed to be flexible and scalable, VISIUMFLEET™ has the capability to grow as your organization’s fleet reporting needs mature. VISIUMFLEET™ is a combination of managed services, products designed using unparalleled predictive technologies, and our superior aftermarket services domain expertise, tailored to suit the needs of our individual customers.

Features and benefits of VISIUMFLEET™ include:
  • Data integration – establishes an accurate baseline
  • Report outputs – informs business decisions to:
    • Reduce delays and cancellations
    • Reduce maintenance costs
    • Increase dispatch reliability
    • Decrease repeat defects
    • Support warranty claims
  • Standardized across all aircraft types – supports regulatory reporting
  • Custom alerts, dashboards and reports – educates stakeholders

Fleet Reporting

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