Engine Wash Optimization

Engine Wash Optimization

The benefits of regular engine washing are well known within the aviation industry.

All engines become contaminated during the course of normal operations, and over time this contamination leads to performance deterioration which can be restored by regular engine wash. Engine wash provides increased exhaust gas temperature (EGT) margin and compressor efficiency, resulting in reduced fuel burn and real bottom line savings.

The OSyS Engine Wash Optimization solution uses proven data integration and analytical technologies and domain expertise to identify the benefits realized by an engine wash. Future benefits are projected based on an individual engine, leading to the identification of the optimum point at which to perform an engine wash. This delivers a more efficient wash program and increased bottom line savings.

Features and benefits of engine wash optimization with OSyS include:
  • Data integration – establish an accurate baseline
  • Accurate engine wash benefit estimation by fleet – informed contract guarantee negotiations
  • Optimized engine wash program – targeted performance restoration for individual engines

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