Emissions Monitoring

Emissions Monitoring for Aircraft

European Union regulations now require that aircraft operators monitor and report verified data on CO2 emissions. This covers intra-EU flights and all flights entering and departing from EU airports. As of January 2012, all airlines flying in or out of Europe, including foreign carriers, are given a limit and permits for emissions. Failure to comply with reporting deadlines carries fines, a new cost factor for European routes. Inaccurate measurement and reporting of emissions can lead to additional costs by having to purchase additional credits.

VISIUMEMISSIONS™ (Emissions Monitoring Solution) is a proven product used by airlines in Europe and the Middle East. It provides the capabilities to meet the reporting requirements of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. The OSyS solution, quickly and easily deployed, is a combination of managed services, products designed using unparalleled predictive technologies, and our superior aftermarket services domain expertise, tailored to suit the needs of our individual customers.

Features and benefits of VISIUMEMISSIONS™ include:

  • Consolidates all relevant fuel and operational data into a single, trusted database to best manage data quality
  • Produces EU ETS compliance reports as required by the Competent Regulating Authority
  • Reporting tools—specifically designed for EU ETS—detect and identify data quality issues to be corrected before producing compliance reports
  • Single access point for all operator and designated verifier (third-party audit) staff to understand the state of benchmark Tonne Kilometer and Emissions data, along with associated documentation

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