AQD – Integrated Safety and Risk Management

Integrated Safety and Risk Management.

For aviation customers, safety and risk management always come first. VISIUMAQD™ capabilities enable organizations to efficiently and cost-effectively implement and maintain a world-class Safety Management System (SMS) that meets ICAO, IATA and national airworthiness authority guidelines.

Improving safety requires execution of targeted corrective actions that address the real cause of problems, not the symptoms. However, identifying the root of these problems is not always an easy process. VISIUMAQD™ links the actions to the causes, to help ensure that any action taken will address the real problem, reducing the risk of recurrence.

By helping you understand the root causes of quality and safety deficiencies, and ensuring an on-going focus on corrective actions, VISIUMAQD™ enables continuous improvement in safety and quality standards.

VISIUMAQD™ is a comprehensive set of tools that integrates risk-related activities across your organization; from safety, quality and security management to occupational safety, environmental management and beyond. VISIUMAQD™ covers all functions from accident, incident and “near miss” reporting, risk assessment, compliance, analysis and investigation through to auditing and corrective action tracking. It has been developed by aviation software specialists and is backed by over 20 years’ experience in delivering aviation software solutions to regulatory authorities, airlines and other aviation-related organizations.

VISIUMAQD™ is trusted by over 100 customers worldwide, including leading international and regional airlines as well as cargo and corporate aircraft operators. Other users include airports, air traffic service providers, ground handlers, maintenance organizations and military air forces.



Civil Aviation

VISIUMAQD™delivers safety and risk management to over 100 customers worldwide, including leading international and regional airlines.

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