Process Industries
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    Process Industries

    Oil refining, petrochemical, food processing and pharmaceutical companies have diverse processes, but they face similar issues with growing and sustaining their market position.

    If you face these issues, it is likely that your business is challenged with hitting production targets while improving operational efficiencies and complying with rigorous safety and quality standards. In addition, you may need to meet emissions reduction, water utilization and energy consumption targets.

    Chemical processors and other process industries must be prepared to address and meet new compliance requirements across their supply chains—from procurement to manufacturing to distribution. It is critical for global businesses to have the right technology platforms and software in place to support global compliance efforts, both now and in the future.

    OSyS proven solutions are intended to help you better balance the competing demands between compliance, cost and performance, thereby making your business more sustainable. We specialize in extracting business insight from asset and operational data through a combination of our technology, asset optimization and regulatory expertise, and industry experience. We provide efficient implementations, enabling our customers to quickly derive value from the solutions we deliver. We offer ongoing consultancy and support to ensure that you achieve the maximum benefits, enabling informed decisions that improve operational performance.

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    Our Experience

    Since the mid-1990s, the OSyS Knowledge Management Software (KMS™) has supported our customers’ safety management programs by providing a tool which automates critical business processes for Management of Change (MoC), hazard analyses, incident tracking and audits. KMS™ has evolved to meet many regulatory drivers with which your business may need to comply.

    KMS™ is a mature, web-based solution that enables your business to improve process safety performance, increase operational reliability and promote the management and reduction of risk. KMS™ can provide the elements you need to demonstrate regulatory compliance. We provide services to clients with a single site, as well as those with multiple, geographically dispersed facilities that each generate more than 3,000 MoCs per year. Our KMS™ software suite has more than 130,000 users from over 1,600 licensed sites.

    The OSyS Predictive Equipment Health Management (PEHM) solution proactively identifies imminent equipment malfunction and failure, enabling asset risk management and strategic maintenance management. By detecting the earliest possible anomalies, customers can avoid the costly consequences of equipment failure. For the past decade, we have provided a best-practice, mature PEHM solution to civil aviation and other industries, including methods and analytics, risk analysis and process management.

    Our enterprise-scalable solution increases availability, safety, compliance, and profitability, and delivers expert insight into asset conditions across a fleet. Currently, OSyS monitors more than 100 critical assets that provide power to process industries, including oil and gas production and refining and chemicals. Similarly, our experience in the nuclear sector has allowed us to share our risk consultancy and assessment capability, enabling our oil and gas customers to make risk-informed maintenance prioritization decisions.