Power Generation
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    Power Generation

    In the extremely competitive power market, where downtime can result in significant lost revenue and even lost reputation, companies want to predict problems before they happen. Working in an environment which is highly regulated, you must not only comply but operate as efficiently as possible, reducing downtime and maximizing the use of your equipment, if you want to stay ahead.

    At OSyS, we provide the technology platform to capture and organize equipment data from many sources, combining multiple condition monitoring techniques, including performance, vibration, oil analysis and thermography. The mathematical modeling and diagnostic networks we implement, in collaboration with our customers, create transparent equipment management decision support.

    Readiness of maintenance technicians, along with the correct spares and tools to remedy failures more quickly, help to strengthen maintenance strategies and tactics and increase equipment availability. Equipment failure is managed in a highly organized, sustainable and clear manner. Knowledge gained about the assets allows OSyS—using our domain expertise—to provide insight to our customers, fostering continued improvement. Our solutions are also used to mitigate safety and maintenance management risk on 80 nuclear units across the globe.

    Our Experience

    As part of the Rolls-Royce group, we have expertise in various industries, including power. As strategic partners of the Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear business, we are aligned with the nuclear sector rebuild program across the UK and Europe. The success of our solutions in other industries makes us well placed to meet the needs of customers in the power industry.

    With over a decade of working with Rolls-Royce and other customers, our solutions are developed with our customers in mind, and specific to their requirements. We understand your industry and also learn how your company operates so that you gain the maximum benefits from our solutions.

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