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    Oil & Gas

    Oil and gas companies face a number of challenges: obtaining quality equipment from suppliers: applications being pushed to their design limit; and aging infrastructure. Equipment runs for longer periods with fewer resources, leading to increased accidents and a push for governmental and self-regulation.

    OSyS provides cutting-edge, high-value predictive systems as a comprehensive risk based approach to machinery management. This gives the insight needed to meet the demand of increased attention to health, safety and environmental (HSE) regulations as well supplying the information to reduce unplanned stoppages.

    The OSyS suite of systems and capabilities come together as a solution that captures and proactively manages operational risks, predicts equipment conditions, assesses risk during operations, and through our domain expertise background helps you to optimize your maintenance plan and meet business objectives.

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    Our proven solutions help deliver the best balance of compliance, cost and performance to make a business sustainable. We provide ongoing consultancy and support to ensure that our customers derive maximum benefits. We also create the platform for asset usage to be optimized by providing the right insight so you can make the correct critical decisions throughout your operation.

    Our Experience

    We understand the oil and gas business and environment. We’ve been delivering asset optimization technology-based services to global oil and gas customers for more than 20 years. Our Compliance & Process Assurance solutions are used in more than 1,600 oil and facilities, by more than 65 customers globally. We deliver predictive equipment health management services to more than 100 equipment packages as part of our global asset optimization center (AOC).