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    As a marine operator, you are subject to rigorous regulation and reduced passenger and cargo trade flow due to world economic challenges. This, coupled with rising fuel costs, is causing pressure on what are already tight margins.

    Our solutions—already proven in the civil aviation, defence aviation and energy markets—help deliver the best balance of cost, performance and compliance from your vessels, making your business more sustainable. We focus on operational and equipment data—often locked away in silos—either created internally or by communications and systems providers. We specialize in extracting business insight from this data by using a mix of technology and domain expertise.

    We remain up-to-date with market requirements, leveraging techniques and technologies from one sector to another, while delivering effective solutions. Our customers are able to work more collaboratively. We provide continued consultancy and support to ensure that our customers gain maximum benefits. Our expert insight helps you optimize your assets by making more informed decisions throughout your operation.

    Our experience makes us well placed in the marine industry to offer these proven solutions that will meet your needs, enabling you to maintain your competitive advantage.

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    As part of the Rolls-Royce Group, we have expertise in various industries, including marine. We have the right solutions in place to support your needs and can put pilot projects in place to meet these objectives.

    With over a decade of working with Rolls-Royce and other customers, our solutions are developed with our customers in mind, and specific to their requirements. We understand your industry and also learn how your company operates so that you gain the maximum benefits from our solutions.