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    Global defence budgets remain under constraints, and military operators are continuously mandated to do more with less. While accomplishing mission objectives remains the primary focus, military operators need to establish a leaner, fitter and “smarter” operation. The main challenge is to increase fleet and operational performance, availability, readiness and sustainability, while at the same time reducing cost and risk.

    OSyS provides a suite of services that help make operations smarter. Our solutions allow military operators to successfully move towards meeting their challenges. Advanced maintenance management and predictive equipment diagnostics capabilities, supported by a suite of operations optimization and compliance and process assurance solutions, enable air forces to ensure cost-efficient readiness and sustainability. Our solutions are proven in the field with global military operators and various asset types, and delivered by a team of highly experienced industry experts.

    Our suite of solutions establishes the management platform to achieve mission availability, readiness and sustainability objectives across all military functions and stakeholder groups. This enables the operation to work collaboratively to accomplish mission objectives.

    OSyS Solutions Support Military “Smart Operations”

    Our experience is based on a tradition of providing value-added data integration and analysis products and services for Rolls-Royce, as well as military customers across the globe. Military fleet operators recognize the cost reduction and improved operational performance our solutions provide. We work closely with our customers to develop new capabilities.

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    The OSyS suite of solutions helps to achieve mission availability, readiness and sustainability objectives for air forces, military functions and stakeholder groups globally. This enables operations to work collaboratively to accomplish mission objectives.