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    Civil Aviation

    As a player in the civil aviation field, you face the challenges of the current business climate—rising fuel costs, the relentless drive for enhanced operational efficiencies while maintaining rigorous safety standards and reliability targets, and the increasing focus on the environmental effects of emissions and waste.

    Our proven solutions help deliver the best balance of compliance, cost and performance to make a business sustainable. We focus on operational data—often locked away in silos—either created internally or by communications and systems providers. We specialize in extracting business insight from this operational data by using our domain expertise, keeping in line with market requirements while delivering efficient implementations. We provide ongoing consultancy and support to ensure that our customers derive maximum benefits.

    We create the platform for asset usage to be optimized by providing the right insight so you can make the correct critical decisions throughout your operation.

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    Our Experience

    We understand the civil aviation business and environment. We’ve been delivering asset optimization technology-based services to global aviation customers for over a decade, starting with engine health monitoring. We now provide predictive equipment health management services for more than 7,000 assets on 3,000 aircraft belonging to 300 civil aviation customers. We also meet compliance requirements and deliver the operational insight necessary to manage the effects of volatile fuel costs and report on emissions.