Our Technology

OSyS Technology Platform

The OSyS technology platform is the engine that enables the delivery of expert insight across a facility, throughout a region, or around the world.

Designed for scalability and performance, our technology platform serves organizations of all sizes and provides extraordinary visibility into complex data that impacts your business. By using the OSyS technology platform, businesses can energize, modify, transform, and integrate their data more efficiently to better manage assets, resources and operations.

The current generation of the OSyS technology platform is a culmination of our history and experience, evolved through an environment of continuous innovation. Our mission is to be at the forefront of modern systems technology.

Embedding leading technologies and powered by OSyS intelligence-based tools, solutions and managed services, the platform connects your data to your decisions. Businesses can facilitate enterprise-wide collaboration among their experts, and become better able to understand, control and act upon past, current and impending events.

The OSyS platform solutions provide a range of benefits

Business Insight

With data clarity and predictive modeling, today’s information becomes insight into tomorrow. A business insight module can provide dashboards, interactive charts, customized reports and drill-down capabilities to understand the context of any potential event. It is also possible to configure views for any group or role.

Risk Management

Effective risk management is based on the true state of critical assets. OSyS customers are able to better visualize multiple information streams, or risk measures, to find the right balance for revenue opportunities, operational and maintenance costs, and compliance considerations and issues.

For example, based on parameters that can be modeled, an operator may choose to delay maintenance on certain equipment because the short-term revenue opportunity outweighs the predicted drop in performance, with no effect on safety.


Advanced analytics uncover the trends and implications hidden within data. From detecting the single critical event to analyzing the nature of vast volumes of production data, OSyS has an appropriate tried-and-tested analytic technique available. The OSyS platform incorporates some of the most advanced methods for event history, feature detection, trend analysis and diagnostics. It also provides information in easily-consumed and understood formats.

Process Automation

Intuitive automation saves time and improves process quality. Paper-based transactional processes are slow, error-prone and divert attention from improving the process to running the process. The OSyS platform automates processes and change management through data capture, information exchange and reporting via a collaborative, enterprise-wide system.


With workflow, businesses can escalate events to the right people, and close them out with prompted input to improve workplace efficiency. Information is valuable only when delivered to the right people at the right time. Workflow features, such as alerts, notifications and controlled escalations―all integrated with email and SMS services―ensure events are managed according to standardized policies and designated respondents. Alerts can direct attention to actions which exceed recommended parameters.


A more effective workforce has access to information wherever they are. Widely distributed, global operations and companies with employees on the move need real-time information access. Decisions are made in customer locations, onsite, and information from the field can affect time-dependent actions. The OSyS platform keeps solutions in tune with mobile requirements and mobile opportunities.

Data Management

Making the right decisions relies on the value of information provided. Data volumes are increasing exponentially, but in many companies, they are held in isolated silos and can be inconsistent and questionable in quality. The OSyS technology platform helps consolidate multiple data sources, assess and improve quality, and increase data confidence throughout the organization.

Data Acquisition

Without data, decisions are uninformed. At OSyS, we provide a number of data acquisition methods, from simple fixed or mobile data input to intelligent acquisition from complex assets. We integrate with data historians, plant process computers, ERP systems, OPC-compliant sources, and many other systems. We also acquire data from less obvious sources such as emailed laboratory report files, structured maintenance messages, intercepted sensor readings, or even by fitting additional data recording capability. We are experts in acquiring the data that serves our high-value solutions.