Our Customer Service

OSyS Customer Service

For more than a decade, Optimized Systems and Solutions (OSyS) has been delivering expert insight around the globe to operators of high value assets, to OEMs and to companies that provide asset services.

OSyS unlocks the full decision-making power of complex asset data. Our software solutions and managed services support operations centers, remote teams, and multiple locations worldwide, including individuals collecting data with portable devices in the field. Companies are able to accelerate network-wide collaboration between their experts, 24×7. From a larger perspective, they are able to make informed decisions on their assets that lead to long-term business sustainability.

Customers apply OSyS solutions to:

  • Increase asset reliability and availability on a global scale
  • Enhance operations and fleet performance
  • Minimize risk, reduce in-service costs
  • Standardize processes and critical safety practices across the enterprise
  • Automate compliance and health-safety-environment (HSE) reporting
  • Predict and prevent unplanned events, downtime

Our solutions ensure safe and profitable business operations. We provide intelligence-based solutions, services and consulting that enable customers to balance the competing demands of cost, performance and compliance.

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Increasingly complex, changing regulatory requirements can be met with smart automation. Reduce time involved in staying compliant and managing change, while supporting continuous improvement, which ultimately reduces risk across a facility or an enterprise.


Data integration from multiple sources enables better insight of asset/fleet usage in all operating conditions. Map performance against projections, minimize disruption and provide accurate analysis to measure improvement.


Reduce costs by optimizing resources and configuring complex asset and inventory management for maximum efficiency. Plan, forecast and manage all maintenance to increase asset availability enterprise-wide.