Visium Expert Insight Delivered

Gain a deeper intelligence of your asset operation and deliver real business benefits. More

Civil Aviation

Reduce fuel costs and integrate complex data from different functions into a single platform to improve fleet availability and operational performance. More


Keep your fleet mission-ready with leaner, fitter and smarter operations. Improve availability and performance while recognizing new cost reduction opportunities. More

Oil & Gas

Standardize critical safety practices across the enterprise. Detect and prevent exceptional events with a predictive view of critical assets and equipment. More

Power Generation

Minimize maintenance outages and eliminate unplanned shutdowns. More

Process Industries

Automate health, safety and environmental processes as a single repository for all actions and workflow. Reduce the time involved in staying compliant, managing change, and supporting continuous improvement. More


Optimize maintenance by detecting anomalies before they result in equipment failure. Increase operational performance of all assets while extending maintenance intervals to reduce costs. More

Make faster, more informed decisions. Enhance performance.

Link the cognitive power of your experts around a single facility, throughout a region, or across continents.

Take business insight to an extraordinary level. Integrate critical data from the field, from equipment throughout all of your plant’s platforms and units, from hundreds of aircraft at multiple points in their daily destinations.

Gain asset, fleet and equipment visibility that prevents unplanned outages, downtime and failure. Optimize maintenance on a global scale.

Deliver capabilities to meet regulatory, environmental and other required compliance throughout your enterprise.

The intelligence-based tools, systems and services of Optimized Systems and Solutions (OSyS) do all of this and more. OSyS is Expert Insight Delivered.